For the longest time, I struggled to find the perfect natural skin care routine. I was always in a rotation of products trying to find the perfect combination to clear my deep cystic pimples and cure my severely dry skin. It seemed like no matter what I did my skin would clear up for a day and then revert to the troubled skin I hated. I would pick at my blemishes leading to scars which made me hate my natural face even more.


One day, I decided that enough was enough. I decided to do some research and discovered that many of the products I used – pricey luxury skincare and items from the drugstore, contained a lot of harmful ingredients that were hurting my skin. I decided to switch over to an all natural skin care… and I never looked back.


I can confidently say now that I love my skin! Of course, there are days when I’m not so confident. Factors such as hormones, usually around my period will cause flare-ups, but now that I have learned exactly how to take care of my skin, I’m not worried!


To find out exactly how and what I used to fix my skin keep reading!


Do your research and learn to read labels.



The first thing I did to fix my trouble skin was to do my research. I discovered that a lot of the products I used on my skin contained silicone. I can say that this was definitely the main culprit of my blemishes. A lot of “pore erasing” primers contain silicone. It’s what makes your pores appear smaller and smooth, but it’s horrible for your skin. Silicone not only clogs your pores, which leads to blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples but it also might be a carcinogen according to some scientists.


As a makeup lover, this was hard to hear because I loved my primers and liquid foundations but I also wanted my skin to look good without the makeup, so I gave up using those primers all together except for special occasions and immediately take it off as soon as I can.


Other ingredients to avoid are mineral oil and petrolatum. Like silicone, they clog your pores and don’t allow moisture, dirt, or anything to enter or exit your skin.


If you have dry skin, avoid anything with alcohol in first few ingredients unless they are cetyl, stearyl, and Cetearyl alcohols, which are not harsh. Words you do want to see are water and glycerin listed as the first few ingredients.


Develop a consistent skincare routine.



Having a consistent skin care routine will not only make life easy for you because you don’t have to think about it, but consistency is what will really lead you to results.

I ALWAYS make it a point to remove my makeup before bed every day. On nights where I was just too tired to even attempt to remove it, the next day I immediately regretted it and could see the consequences in the form of blemishes. If you’re someone who just forgets to take off their makeup before bed, leave some form or makeup remover next to your bed so you can just wipe your face and then fall asleep. Of course, this isn’t the ideal situation for every night, because you should really be cleansing your skin, but once in a while, it won’t hurt.


Wash your face every morning and night. At night you are washing away all the dirt and gunk flying in the air that gets trapped in your pores. If you wash your face at night, you might ask, why do I even have to wash it in the morning? Your pillow is probably full of bacteria, and you don’t even know it. It soaks up any product you might have on your hair and skin, plus just bacteria that forms from sweat and everyday use. Do yourself a favor and start your day fresh-faced by washing it in the morning.


Alikay Naturals Natural and Organic Skin Care


I have to say one of the BEST things I ever did for my skin was switching over from using harsh cleansers to Amazing Black Soap. It’s 100% all natural made from dried fruits and plants. It’s also gentle enough to use twice a day and won’t dry out your skin. We wrote a whole blog post all about black soap – what it is and why it’s so amazing. I have friends who have suffered with stubborn acne for YEARS that turned to black soap, and their skin looks amazing and clear now. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to. It’s inexpensive, so there is no downside to trying it – just make sure you’re buying the real stuff.


Not only do you need a cleanser that’s really going to clean your skin, but you also need an exfoliator. I can’t stress the importance of removing the dead skin from your face. When you exfoliate, you reveal the nice, healthy, soft skin that is hidden underneath! The most amazing exfoliator I’ve found is the Green Tea Chai Face Scrub. Scientist have found that in addition to being super good for your health, Green Tea, when used in cosmetics, can help with the effects of aging, acne, and reduction of large pores. The face scrub also contains Dead Sea Salt which gently scrubs away all that dead skin off while softening the skin and restoring hydration. Another reason why I LOVE this face scrub is because of all the nice oils it contains like jojoba, almond, and rosemary oil.


I know all my oily girls out there are now thinking, “OIL!? No. This is not for me,” but that is not the case. The reason why your skin could be oily is because there is no moisture and your body needs to produce even more oil to compensate for that. If you have oily skin use the face scrub and let the nice moisturizing oils sit on your face overnight. In the morning wash it off with the black soap like we talked about earlier, and your face will be clean, soft, and not greasy.


Treat yourself to a mask once a week.


Not only will a mask help deep cleanse your pores, but it’s nice to take some time out of your busy week to just sit back, relax, and practice some self-care. I love using the Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask because it’s an all-natural mud mask imported directly from the Dead Sea in the Mediterranean. Dead Sea mud is known for its anti-aging properties, tightening skin and pores, increasing skin elasticity, and detoxifying and cleansing skin. The mask also includes ingredients like Aloe Vera which helps replenish, moisturize and heal the skin; and vitamin E which is rich in antioxidants to keep skin clear and healthy. The best part – this mask is now available at select Target stores for a limited time! You need to pick one up if you haven’t already.


Other skin care tips:


Do NOT pick at your face: I hate to admit this, but I’m a picker… I had to learn self-control and not touch my face because it ALWAYS leads to scars.


Use a cream like Majestic Beauty to fade scars: Majestic Beauty Stretch Mark and Scar Remover contains rosehip which is abundant in antioxidants, Vitamins A and C that helps repair skin, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles and re-hydrates skin. Majestic is also available at select Target stores!



Sunscreen is your best friend: Exposure to the sun could cause those scars to darken and not to mention excess sun exposure causes premature aging. Even if you are fortunate enough to be born with natural sunscreen aka melanin, you should still apply sunscreen just make sure you get one that won’t make your face look ashy.


Watch your diet: When my skin was really bad, so was my diet. As soon as I started to eat protein, dark greens, and other nourishing foods I saw my skin improve as well as my health!


Have any other skin care tips? Leave a comment down below and let us know!



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