Whether you need a gift for your kids, the men in your life, or just for yourself, we have something for everything! Keep scrolling to read our Alikay Natural Holiday Gift Guide for 2017.




Alikay Naturals Coco Mango Candle

Photo by @akoma_counseling


Candles are the perfect gift because who doesn’t love candles? Everyone no matter their age or gender could enjoy a nice delicious smelling candle in their home. Candles are great for in-laws, new homeowners who need a housewarming gift, and co-workers! Our hand poured soy candles come in 8 scents, so you have plenty to choose from! For the Holidays, we have a candle gift set that comes with its matching product scent. Perfect for the Alikay lover in your life. Give the gift of yummy smelling hair AND home!


Kits & Collections


Alikay Naturals Curl Collection


Our kit and collections will WOW your loved ones! They come with everything you would want depending on your individual needs. Do you know someone that has trouble retaining moisture? Buy them the L.O.C. Method Kit™. If you have a curly guy or gyal in your life, give them the give of fabulous hair with our Curl Collection. They will thank you. 😌


For the Men in Your Life



Don’t think Alikay is for men? Think again! We have all sorts of things for the men in your life. Our Botanicals Scalp Balm is perfect for guys who have an itchy scalp. Give them the relief they need! Know a guy that’s trying to grow a beard? Our Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil helps stimulate the hair follicles and help them grow! Our Shea Yogurt is also a popular item for men who have long natural locks that need moisture. They say the best gifts are the ones you wouldn’t buy for yourself…


Stocking Stuffers



Our travel sizes make excellent stocking stuffers! They’re perfect for family traveling back home, or anyone else in your life that needs a hair pick-me-up on the go!


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