Hey, Dolls! This week we wanted to share a few tips on how to achieve the BEST twist out ever! Do you have any tips of your own that we didn’t mention? Leave them in a comment down below and help out the community!


Make sure your hair is moisturized

To prevent a frizzy twist out and promote super defined twists make sure you are working on hair that is moisturized! It also makes it so much easier to style and manipulate. The best way to keep hair moisturized all week long? The LOC Method, of course!


Detangling hair is a must

No matter what style you do, you need to make sure you are detangling your hair properly. If you’re detangling wrong you could be causing stress and breakage on your hair. Tangles will only make it harder for you to separate your twists. Knots Be Gone is the best way to detangle hair outside of the shower, or if you detangle in the shower use a conditioner like our Caribbean Coconut Milk Conditioner which has amazing slip.


Alikay Naturals Knots Be Gone


Use the right products

Trial and error for this one. At least you know no matter what Alikay Naturals products you use, you will have super moisturized and defined twists. Not only that, but natural products fortify your hair and make it stronger. Products with harsh alcohols and sulfates will cause dryness and breakage.


Decide what your end style is before you begin

It’s a good idea to plan ahead what you want your final style to look like so you know where to part your hair. Doing this will also reduce the manipulation you will have to do to your hair leaving you with more defined twists!


Don’t let hairs cross when twisting

When you cross your hairs while twisting instead of stretching the hair and overlapping your strands, you cause the hairs to wrap around each other and cause knots! To see a super detailed explanation on how to do this, watch our CEO’s video on her Blackonyx77 YouTube Channel!



Be careful not to over separate

When separating twists be careful not to cause frizz don’t over separate and less manipulation the better. Rochelle’s tip for this is to separate your hair once and then go back in and separate again. This will lead to less manipulation and will ensure you don’t over separate which can sometimes make your hair look frizzy. BE GENTLE! Don’t rake your fingers through your hair.


Use an oil always when separating

Having a light oil coated on your fingers and hands will help keep frizz at bay. Your fingers will just glide over your twist so much easier. You can use our Glazed Argan Oil Hair Silkener for this! It’s light and will leave your hair shiny and frizz free.


Avoid frizzy ends

Frizzy ends can make your style look blah. After all, that work you put into your twists, don’t let it get ruined by frizzy ends! To avoid this, don’t twist all the way to ends. You can finger coil your ends or use perm rods.


Tease that fro girl

Use a hair pick to add volume to your roots! Volume and makes parts blend better but remember never bring the pick out because that will ruin your twists.


Alikay Natuals Shea Yogurt Fight The Power Hair Pick


Make sure your hair dries properly

Don’t rush your style! Wait until it dries completely! If you try to unravel your twists too early, you can risk your hair reverting back to its natural texture. There’s nothing wrong with that but if after you worked so hard to twist your hair, you want to see those results!


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